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The tradition of the "Whoopie Girl" began with the vision of Ogden City Mayor Harman W. Peery to create an iconic image that would help promote the Ogden Pioneer Days celebration. The original Whoopie Girl was a charming young woman named Lorene Donaldson, who won a contest to serve as the public face of the event. Mayor Peery's original inspiration for the Ogden Pioneer Days Whoopie Girl, which was the original spelling, came from an image on the cover of Film Fun, painted by a popular artist of the times, Enoch Bolles. From that day on, the image of the Whoopie Girl has been the symbol of Ogden Pioneer Days, Utah’s biggest and best statehood celebration.Today's Whoopie Girls, seen only at Ogden Pioneer Days, are a far cry from being a poster girl for a celebration. The Whoopie Girls are amazing horsewomen and ride each night of the rodeo, flying the flags of our most valued sponsors. Members of the group are chosen by audition and provide and care for her own horses. The Whoopie Girls serve as goodwill ambassadors for Ogden Pioneer Days, making appearances and participating in many events and activities during the monthlong celebration.




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