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Ogden Pioneer Heritage Foundation


The Ogden Pioneer Heritage Foundation celebrates our community’s pioneer and western heritage. Since its inception in 2003, the Foundation's goal has been to create an environment to honor, preserve and promote this heritage. We invite all to learn about the social, cultural, religion, work ethics, values and daily life of these spirited pioneers. Through educational and entertainment experiences, we will keep the legacy of our forefathers alive.


Alan Hall, Chairman
Steven Diamond, Vice Chair
Lynn Wood, Treasurer

Matt Bartlett
Robert Bell
E. Rich Brewer
Dave Halverson
Dave Howells
Desiree Larsen
Susie VanHooser



Advisory Board Members

Spencer Eccles
Dave Wadman




Ogden Pioneer Days Committee



Ogden Pioneer Days Committe:  (Bottom row, left to right) Dave Casperson, Dan Musgrave, Rick Davis, Jeff Haney, Bev Clark, Bryan Schade, Ray Ellis, Jackie Belnap, Alan Hall, Desiree Cooper-Larsen.  (Top row, left to right) Dale Roberts, Susie Van Hooser, Gena Black, Pat Condon, Nicole Cypers, Tracy Smith, Dave Halverson.  Not pictured:  Craig Bielik, Dennis Montgomery, Monte Stewart



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Ogden Pioneer Days is celebrating events all over the Ogden Area. Visit our maps page to learn about venue details, directions and locations.


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