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Arrive early at Ogden Pioneer Stadium to enjoy the pre-rodeo events. Whether you’re there to cheer the mutton busters, Junior Posse riders, the participants in musical chairs (on horseback) or the cowpunchers in the wild cow milking contests, you’ll be sure to see dust flying and heels kicking as our young cowboys and cowgirls compete. In addition, every night we hold a pre-rodeo event with participants that come from our gracious sponsors. Come early to enjoy the action! 



Mutton Bustin’

Children ages 5 to 8 years old — and weigh less than 50 pounds — grab some fluff and show their stuff in this event. Head over to Ogden Pioneer Days headquarters, 1810 Washington Blvd., for pre-registration and parent signature of a waiver. The Mutton Bustin' will be held July 19-24. Arrive early at Ogden Pioneer Stadium to watch this fun event every night of the rodeo.  



Junior Posse

The Junior Posse Jamboree will be Saturday, July 14. Ogden Pioneer Stadium will be filled with young cowboys and cowgirls and horses of all size and color. This annual competition between the area junior posses brings out a supporting cast with hundreds of people filling the stands, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins and neighbors. If you want to see some fun competition, as well as catch a glimpse of world champions of the future, come join in the fun. Junior Posses also compete in pre-rodeo events July 19-21  The Coca-Cola All-State Awards will be presented on Saturday, July 21.



Wild Cow Milking

An exciting pre-rodeo event that includes wild mother cows and teams made up of local groups — even some local first responders. Each three-man team is given the harrowing task of extracting milk from a less-than-cooperative wild cow that is attached to the end of a long rope. Come see the action on July 19. 



Musical Chairs

You know the game: You dash around while the music is playing — and when it stops you have to grab a chair. While it's a well-known game a children's parties, we've adapted it to the Ogden Pioneer Stadium arena.



Ribbon Roping

In teams of three, one on horseback and two on the ground, the rider ropes the steer with the assigned ribbon color while the other two stop the steer and run the ribbon to a designated spot in the arena. Arrive early on Monday, July 24 to see the action!