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Everybody loves a parade — and there are plenty for crowds to see during Ogden Pioneer Days. The Horse and Hitch Parade features horses of all kinds and the Grand Parade on July 25 kicks off a day of events and activities to celebrate Utah’s statehood.  

HORSE & HITCH PARADE  Monday, 7 p.m.

Ogden's Horse and Hitch parade is one of the finest in the state. The unmistakable rattle of wooden wagon wheels and the clippity-clop of horse hooves will be heard throughout downtown Ogden. The parade will start at Park Boulevard and Washington Boulevard. Entrants will head south on Washington until 26th Street, where they will turn west until Grant Avenue and then go north to 25th Street. At that point, they'll turn east to Washington and back north to Park Boulevard. Come see every kind, color, breed and size of horse imaginable. Everyone has been invited to bring their horses, wagons, and carriages and ride with hundreds of entries from throughout the Mountain West. All participants are treated to a free picnic in the park following the parade. Deadline to submit an application was June 30. Questions? Contact Tracy Smith at 801-388-3253 or download the official application

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GRAND PARADE Tuesday, 9 a.m.

The commemoration of Utah’s statehood starts with Ogden Pioneer Days’ Grand Parade, which runs through the heart of Ogden City. The parade route begins on 31st Street, continues northbound on Washington Boulevard and ends on 20th Street. Thousands of spectators line up along Washington Boulevard to cheer for marching bands, service organizations, student body representatives from Ogden-area schools, floats, horse drawn carriages, antique automobiles, and youth dance groups. There’s literally something for everybody. To participate in the Ogden Pioneer Day Parade, contact the Parade Director Bryan Schade at 801-710-9106 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Download the official 2019 application.

The deadline to submit an application to be in the parade was May 31, 2019.  An extra fee will be assessed for late applications. Read all the Rules here.


In the News:  A Kaysville woman's activity book for children encourages kids to go to the Ogden Pioneer Days parade — and then draw their own float





The following regulations shall apply to the permitted use of city services, city streets or sidewalks, or other public property along the adjoining routes and staging areas for the "Ogden's Pioneer Days Parade". It shall be unlawful for any person to violate these provisions.
A. Time Restrictions: Prior to six o'clock (6:00) P.M. of the day before the parade, no person shall claim or attempt to claim, reserve, occupy or otherwise control public property either in person or by the placement of any object along the adjoining parade route. Prohibited claiming activities include the placement of ropes, tapes, banners, vehicles, barricades or barriers of any kind; except if such placement is made by authorized and designated city personnel pursuant to a special event permit.
B. Reserving Public Space: Notwithstanding section 7-2-15 of this code, from and after six o'clock (6:00) P.M. of the day before the parade:
1. Any person may physically occupy a position on public property overnight along the adjoining parade route and may use a blanket, cabana, chair or sleeping bag to reserve the position.
2. If the person does not physically and continuously accompany the permitted items used to reserve the position, the city makes no guarantee that the position shall remain reserved.
3. No person may claim or attempt to reserve any public property for himself or herself or others by placement of ropes, tapes, banners, vehicles, barricades or other barriers of any kind at any time prior to and during the parade, except if such placement is utilized by authorized and designated city personnel pursuant to a special event permit.
C. Definitions: For purposes of this section, the following terms and phrases shall have the meanings indicated:
ADJOINING PARADE ROUTE: Any sidewalk, paved public area, or street adjacent to Washington Boulevard from 20th Street to 31st Street.
BLANKET: Any cloth or tarp which is laid down on the ground with the surface not in excess of the size of a "queen" blanket.
CABANA: A tentlike, self-standing structure for use as shade or weather protection that shall remain open on all four (4) sides and does not exceed ten feet by ten feet (10' x 10') in length and does not use a guyline.
CHAIR: Any common chair, camp chair, stool, folding stool, bench, folding bench or other structure, except boxes, the seating surface of which does not exceed thirty inches (30") aboveground and six feet (6') in length and in such condition and of sufficient strength to ensure safety from breakage or collapse.
PARADE: The authorized special event called "Ogden's Pioneer Days Parade".
SERVICE ANIMAL: Any dog specially trained to accompany the blind, hearing impaired, or persons with visual or other physical or emotional disabilities.
SLEEPING BAG: Any common sleeping bag when opened completely with a seating surface that does not exceed the size of a "queen" blanket or sixty inches by eighty inches (60" x 80") in length.
D. Enclosed Shelter Prohibited: No person shall place, erect, use or employ any enclosed tent or other enclosed shelter, including vehicles or trailers, on public property along the adjoining parade route or staging areas of the parade. The use of a cabana, which shall remain open on all four (4) sides, is permitted to provide shade or weather protection.
E. Damage; Obstructions Prohibited: No person or the person's blanket, cabana, chair, or sleeping bag shall obstruct or occupy paved portions of streets, occupy any unsafe position, or occupy a position which may cause damage or hazard to public or private property. Until such time as Washington Boulevard is closed for the parade, no person shall occupy a position within fifteen feet (15') of a stop sign, traffic semaphore, crosswalk or bus stop. Sidewalks shall remain open for a space of no less than four feet (4') along the interior border of the sidewalk which is farthest from the curb. Any fire hydrant or private driveway shall remain open and accessible at all times.
F. Vehicle Parking Restrictions: From and after six o'clock (6:00) P.M. of the day before the parade, and continuing until the conclusion of the parade, no person shall park a vehicle, motor vehicle, trailer, or tent trailer on the adjoining parade route. Only motor vehicles or trailers which are entries or parts thereof in the parade may be allowed in the areas designated as staging areas. Any vehicle, motor vehicle, trailer or tent trailer parked in violation of this section may be towed from the prohibited area at the owner's expense.
G. Reserved Spectator Viewing Areas: As part of the special event permitting process, the mayor or the mayor's designee may authorize:
1. The city to reserve places for the observation of the parade and to erect and control seating on such reserved public property; and
2. The reservation of places for the observation of the parade and the erection and control of seating on such reserved public property.
H. Animals Prohibited: From and after six o'clock (6:00) P.M. of the night before the parade until conclusion of the parade, no animal shall be permitted on public property along the adjoining parade route and staging areas, except for a service animal or a parade animal that is a participant in the parade.
I. Specific Prohibitions:
1. The ignition or discharge of any firework, air soft gun, or projectile is prohibited.
2. No walking or bicycling is permitted on the parade route during the parade, except by licensed vendors or parade participants.
3. No barbecue, fire pit, fire, bonfire, or other flammable heat source is permitted along the adjoining parade route.
4. Any person who spends the night along the adjoining parade route or attends the parade shall be responsible for the control and removal of his or her personal items and trash. The city shall provide, monitor, and empty necessary trash receptacles.
J. Special Event License Required: It shall be unlawful for any person to stage, present, conduct, or sell goods or vendor food or beverage at the parade without having first obtained the necessary license, including any license required pursuant to this chapter and title 5, chapter 13, article B of this code.

(Ord. 2012-35, 6-12-2012)
6-5-22: PENALTIES:linklink

Any person violating the provisions of any section of this chapter shall be guilty of a class B misdemeanor, punishable as provided in title 1, chapter 4, article A of this code.
(Ord. 2007-21, 5-22-2007)






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